Taxes and tax advice for SMEs and individuals

For SMEs and individuals, we create periodic tax returns and also provide competent and understandable advise in all tax matters. Tax legislation is constantly changing, and this always leads to new regulations. Thanks to continuous education, we are always informed about the latest adjustments and changes in tax laws.

As a reliable partner we will take care of your tax matters and help you to minimize your tax burden. In dealings with the tax authorities, we represent you, for example in the case of objections or tax conditions, and negotiate with the tax authorities on your behalf.

With Cancellarius as a competent tax consultant at your side, tax returns will no longer worry you. Our advice and practical tips will save you time and money. Even better still, is the predictive communication between us and our digital communication platform, which optimizes customer processes and saves resources.

We support you with all tax questions such as:

Inheritance and gift taxes:

  • Completing tax returns
  • Tax optimization of financial statements
  • Tax optimization in company succession and restructuring
  • Representation of taxpayers before the authorities

Advice in all tax matters:

  • VAT
  • State, municipal and federal taxes
  • Property gains tax
  • inheritance tax
  • Gift tax